Monday, June 12, 2017

Messy Bun Hat Follow Up

Well this grandma has been busy since my last post about the Messy Bun Hat. So I thought I should follow up and show you my own Messy Bun Hat designs! Messy Bun Hats are easy, cute and fun!

I started out making a variety of Shell Stitch Messy Bun hats, the patterns will be released at a later date. This design is so versatile and using a variegated yarn with this shell stitch makes a lovely MB Hat!  I love using Lion Brand Landscapes. I think every color palette they offer is a winner!


The shell stitch design is also perfect for creating a school color themed MB Hat! Red and Black...Blue and Gold...just any collegiate or school color combination make a great MB hat.


I also designed a Floating Hearts MB Hat for a Valentine Treat! I do have the pattern ready for this one, and it can be found HERE. The hearts are worked as the hat is crocheted, you will love how much fun this design is to make.

I also designed a matching coffee cozy to match...I just could not resist! You will find the pattern for the cozy HERE

Well of course you know what came next don't you? Shamrocks...St Paddy's day isn't too far behind it seemed fitting to make floating shamrocks that can be crocheted as you work. Yes...the patterns are on Ravelry as well.

I was on a roll...ready to expand this line of Floating Hearts and Shamrocks, and was writing the patterns for a tutu 2nd grandson made his entrance into the world...a little early, but very healthy, to which we are so thankful.

I will release the pattern for this design next January. There is a little info for this tutu dress on my Ravelry page.

I also felt the need to make an old fashioned looking shamrock, and I incorporated it into a cloche, the pattern will be released next January or February of 2018. You can find info on this design here.

I know that was a huge wrap up, but there have been huge things happening at my house. Be sure to check back, as I have so much to catch up my third grandchild!