Monday, July 28, 2014

More of my inspirations!

I am loving blogging....I think. Hmmmm.....maybe I should revisit this notion in a month or two? Let's move on! I hope you don't mind me showing you more things that inspire me? But here are just a few things! :)

So vintage....if those juicy washclothes would stay on the side of that clawfoot tub pretty....all would be right with the world, but alas that won't happen.....children and men coming into the bathroom, would put a stop to the fantasy! I am vintagely inspired!! Sigh

This inspires me....and it is made out of worsted weight yarn......and a link to the free pattern??? Yes I am inspired.....quick.....go get your free pattern!!!


Finally......this inspires me!! I think it is a manufactured item, and I could not find a link, but I am inspired!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Inspirations

Blogging can be confusing when starting out.....I took a dickens of a time for me to figure out how to post a "New" post......I know I am blonde but....WOW!! Blogging sure makes me feel like a blonde! that I am here, let me share with you some sweet things that inspire me!! I love to gander at new things.....whether it is architecture, an outdoor scene, but mostly I am inspired by handcrafted here is my first lot of inspiration!!!

                                      I LOVE THIS BAG!!! I think I need to make one!!!

Isn't this the sweetest bib? I am inspired!!!

And how about this handbag?? It truly inpires me!!! GREAT JOB Sharon